GP Are On Your Side


Did you know...

  • In the last 5 years GP practices have lost funding worth over £660 million.

We're not allowed to use the poor funding we have to recruit more GPs or more practice nurses. This is why you struggle to see your GP.

  • The Government gives this practice just £107.57 a year for each patient, whatever their health needs. That’s less than the cost of a TV licence.

This means we’re only given 30p a day for every patient registered with us – less than the cost of an apple (30p).

GP Illustration Graphic

GPs want the same things that you do. We believe nobody should struggle to see their family doctor.

We believe general practice deserves a bigger slice of NHS funding so we can train and hire more GPs, deliver the services you require and make it easier to get appointments to see your GP and practice team.

We know you deserve better than this. GPs Are On Your Side.

Read the full BMA campaign "GP Are On Your Side" on the BMA website

Published: Jun 18, 2024